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Victoire Oh Natural Parkrun

My first Parkrun adventures

I have finally joined the over 2 million people around the world who take part in Parkrun. Yes, over 2 million and counting! Go have a look at their website, the stats are awe-inspiring. Parkruns happen every Saturday morning at various locations across South Africa, and the world. The best part about them is that they cost nothing and are open…

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Victoire Oh Naturale ManKind giveaway

{WIN} ManKind natural body products this Father’s Day

I am so excited about this giveaway with ManKind Products! Although I have been trying various natural skin care products myself, I haven’t really found many natural products geared towards men for my husband. Bonus if they smell great! When Liesl Krull and I discussed our collaboration with Margot Essential Products I was delighted to find out she has a product line geared towards…

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www.victoire.co.za Victoire Oh naturale YouTube my natural beauty secret

My DIY natural beauty secret

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say a quick “Hi!”, because I have been working so hard on my blog’s look and feel and branding… DIY designing a header and logo and learning so much about how to design, and use the right fonts, colours, etc. And although I have been busy with my blog, I haven’t been blogging all…

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proudly south african

YOU ARE PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN WHEN: You call a bathing suit a ‘swimming costume’. You call a traffic light a ‘robot’. You call an elevator a ‘lift’. You call a car’s hood a ‘bonnet’. You call a car’s trunk a ‘boot’. You call a pickup truck a ‘bakkie’. You call a Barbeque a ‘Braai’. The employees dance in front of…

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