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Victoire Oh Natural Parkrun

My first Parkrun adventures

I have finally joined the over 2 million people around the world who take part in┬áParkrun. Yes, over 2 million and counting! Go have a look at their website, the stats are awe-inspiring. Parkruns happen every Saturday morning at various locations across South Africa, and the world. The best part about them is that they cost nothing and are open…

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100 Happy Days – Day 2: Creative parenting

Today just turned out to be a difficult day. At one point I nearly ended up in tears of disappointment and frustration. One of the contributing factors, besides only having slept for 4 hours, was that by lunchtime Arnan had not had any food except his “hot choccie” – a bottle of warm milk – and some biscuits he found…

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naming right

naming a child must be one of the most daunting, challenging tasks a parent is faced with right at the outset of their parenting “career”. i believe that your name defines you, it becomes a part of you and who you are, that it reflects who you are to become, or perhaps who you are already – if that makes…

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the “c” word

it’s the word starting and ending in a “c”, the word most new parents learn to dread… colic. and it moved in to our home at three weeks, just as nico went back to work. suddenly not only did i have to figure out how to look after a newborn by myself, newly recovered from a complicated labour, but my…

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