How to Lose Belly Fat Challenge: Week 4

I have a confession to make… When I started this challenge I didn’t expect much. I had no idea how I was actually going to lose belly fat! I had already been doing bootcamp for a month, and I hadn’t seen much of a result. Granted, I didn’t have a scale at the time so had no way of measuring any change anyway. I was also still eating the same junk food and high carb diet I had got used to. I had convinced myself that it was okay to take my emotional issues out on my body. That chocolate was my crutch, and my body just had to deal.

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Remember how I said I wasn’t going to change my diet in the beginning of this How to Lose Belly Fat Challenge?

Yes, I did! I was stubbornly determined not to make any major changes… Because I believed that I couldn’t. I believed that I couldn’t make any major changes for myself in the midst of the most challenging year of my life. Well, four weeks in, I can tell you that it is possible!

Yes, it has taken a lot… It has taken me standing up for myself. Putting my needs first does not come easy to me, as a mother and an empath. I don’t even think I knew what it meant to prioritise myself at the beginning of this challenge… Even though I had already been focusing on my spiritual and emotional needs this year, carving out, even demanding, time out to do stuff that I find important.

No matter what you are going through in your life, you can make choices for yourself. It won’t be easy. You will have to push against the stream, especially the stream of self-defeating thoughts and ideas you have allowed yourself to believe about yourself and your circumstances.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Standing up for myself in the kitchen was the hardest step to take.

I am a feminist and a stay at home mother. Almost a contradiction in terms. Queen of the kitchen! Standing up for myself in the kitchen, making my own choices about the food I eat, should not be an issue. And yet somehow it was! I was more inclined to follow my family’s food choices than what I knew to be healthy or good for me… or even what I felt like eating. Because I only cook one meal (who has time to cook two different meals?!) I need to make sure that my children will eat it!

Carb clever Lettuce tacos

Carb clever lettuce tacos instead of nachos!

Well, I found that once I had made the decision to change my diet, it wasn’t so difficult to eat differently after all. I don’t necessarily make two different meals, I just make sure that my choices are carb clever. So, in Week 3 my family had nachos with mince. Previously, with my defeatist mindset, I would’ve given in and had nachos with them. Instead, I grabbed a few lettuce leaves and piled in the mince, guac and a little sour cream. Totally delicious and completely guilt free! An alternative to pasta, which my kids love, is to fry up some thinly sliced cabbage in coconut oil. I love the still-crispy texture!

Cabbage noodles

Carb clever cabbage noodles with bolognese

The biggest change I have had to make is changing my mindset.

This week I focused on eating when I was hungry. If I wasn’t hungry I didn’t eat. Do you know how much that pushes against the mindset of eating 3 square meals a day? You have to eat breakfast, lunch and supper. But do you? Now I am not speaking about depriving myself here. I am speaking about eating well, but not overeating just because my habits demand it.

You don't need a new day to start over, you only need a new mindset

I started making myself salads for lunch this week.

I especially enjoy an adapted Nicoise salad with lettuce, cucumber, sometimes tomato, half a tin tuna, 2 boiled eggs, spring onions, half an avo if I have, seasoned with salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. If I really feel like it, a grating of lemon zest completely makes the dish! For some reason, although I love salads, I have felt it takes too much time or effort to make them. Now that I am making them I can’t say that they are much more effort than making a sandwich… but they are 100 times yummier!

Now because the salads have been so hearty, delicious and filled with nutrients I genuinely found I was not hungry at night! Usually if I went to bed without eating I would struggle to fall asleep or wake up at midnight starving. This has not happened! I am not sure whether I should be telling you this! It just seems to be working for me… for now.

Meals Week 4 How to lose belly fat

Meals for week 4. Please note that where it says “chocolate shake” that is the Chocolate Fat Shake… HOWEVER I didn’t have time & due to pure laziness I didn’t actually upload the ingredients of the fat shake! The chocolate shake on Fat Secret contains sugar, which the fat shake does not. Let’s just say it is an indication, and not accurate at all!

There was also something else I experimented with this week…

When I followed the Banting diet previously I used to make The Real Meal Revolution chocolate fat shake recipe. It was especially great on cold winters days when I needed something warm but filling. I suddenly remembered this on Monday and decided to try it out on the days I did bootcamp. It definitely sustained me, acting as a sort of meal replacement, although I am weary to view it as such. I really just wanted to have some extra energy without eating a full meal before exercising.

Real Meal Revolution Chocolate fat shake

Real Meal Revolution Chocolate fat shake

I did find the one day we were doing burpees for the first time and the compression on my stomach, filled with chocolate fat shake, really made me feel queasy. It’s a bit of a catch 22.

I do find that in Summer this drink doesn’t really appeal to my taste buds that much. It is much easier to drink cold, as a sort of chocolate milkshake on the hotter days.

The other problem I had was that on Wednesday I had a chocolate fat shake before bootcamp…

I was not hungry for most of the rest of the day, and then realised I hadn’t eaten anything before the second session of bootcamp! So I had some more just because I wouldn’t be able to exercise on a full stomach. I had also been extremely busy that day and probably ignored some of my hunger cues subconsciously while I finished my work.

Lanifit Ourdoor Bootcamp

Halfheartedly doing step ups! Photo credit: Lelani – Lanifit Outdoor Bootcamp

Boy did I suffer at bootcamp! I had almost no energy, it was as if I was just starting out as a beginner all over again! The lesson here is that I do need to eat. Chocolate fat shake is not going to get me through two exercise routines and a full day’s work. I was really not well afterwards and almost didn’t eat because I was feeling so ill. But I had a delicious chicken salad for dinner and immediately perked up. My blood sugar was probably way too low.

Water Week 4 How to lose belly fat

Eek! Struggling with keeping up with drinking water this week!

Other than that the afternoon bootcamp sessions have been going quite well.

Actually bootcamp in general is going quite well! I am really enjoying all this exercising… Although Lelani may beg to differ with all the complaining I do! I find the smaller classes of the afternoon sessions allow for Lelani to help me better my understanding of how to do the exercises. Who knew I was getting sore knees because I wasn’t leaning back enough when doing squats?!

We don't use machines we build them

Lelani’s jacket ๐Ÿ™‚ “We don’t use machines We build them”

This has been another mindset shift for me. I never saw myself as sporty before. Running, besides the 100m at school, wasn’t my thing. I enjoyed Parkrun in the beginning of the year, although I did more walking than running. We certainly run a lot in bootcamp though! I used to love my mountain biking, which was also a surprise back then. I definitely want to “get back on the bike” (ha ha!) again soon! It’s probably just that I love being out in nature, as well as the social aspect of these sports.

That’s the benefit of doing Lanifit Outdoor Bootcamp for me. It is social, and I have made lovely friends on the field, all suffering and moaning together! ;D And being outdoors is so much better than in a gym or building.

Steps Week 4 How to lose belly fat

Steps Week 4 How to lose belly fat

My children were playing with my FitBit Flex charger and it disappeared! I was a more than a little upset about this! Thankfully my friend Debbie lent me hers, but there are steps missing from 29 Nov – 1 Dec. I did bootcamp 5 times this week for approx 45 min – 1 hour each.

So, how do I feel after 4 weeks of taking fat burners?

These four weeks have changed my life. I wouldn’t have been where I am today without my Shrink slimming capsules. They have definitely helped me to break free of some very bad habits. By suppressing my cravings, sugar no longer has a hold on me. My appetite has reduced, but not to such an extent that it is unhealthy for me. The energy… well, who complains about having more energy?! Not me! As a stay at home homeschooling mama and entrepreneur launching her own business, I need all the extra energy I can get.

Shrink slimming dietary supplements

When you can’t remember whether you took one or two capsules in one day you count the capsules left! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But is it burning fat?

You know, I think we need to change our mindsets around fat burners and slimming supplements. They are not the magic pills we want to believe they are. As I have discovered, I cannot continue putting junk in and make my weight loss goals at the same time. I am not going to magically shrink as Alice in Wonderland did. It is all about balance.

Alice in Wonderland Drink Me

Four weeks in and my belly fat is really disappearing before my eyes. I am positive that my 5-a-week capsules are making a difference. However, my healthier meal choices and regular exercise routine are also making a difference. As Kim Mansfield Sheffield from Legends Laser, Lipo & Lashes says in her Spotlight on Green Business Besties interview, “Slimming tablets must be seen as a tool in your tool box”. There are three elements to the equation and I believe one needs to pay attention to all three on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

And the results of the week areโ€ฆ

I won’t lie, I was a little (okay, a lot) disappointed that I hadn’t lost weight this week. I had weighed myself at home on Friday morning and I was at 67.5kg! However, although I ate healthily for the most part (side eyes at the 2 pieces of KFC chicken I had for dinner on Saturday night!), I had a difficult weekend. I was at another full day workshop on Saturday, which meant a whole lot of sitting and limited movement. I also started waking at 3am as I had some urgent work to do. I spent all of Sunday, besides a few hours of church, in front of my computer working. Stress, lack of sleep, sitting all weekend… that has a huge impact!

It is not all doom and gloom though, I still lost 2 cm of belly fat!!! I spent most of the weekend with my hands on my hips (when they weren’t on my keyboard), feeling my slimmer waistline! ;D Ha ha! I really am baring all in this challenge!

I also seem to have put 1cm back onto my thighs… Now we know where the KFC went! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Body Measurements

Age: 39

Height: 1.65m

How to Lose Belly Fat Challenge - Measurements Week 4

Total cm lost for the week: 2cm

Total cm lost to date: 11cm

Total belly fat lost to date: 5cm

Total kg lost to date: 2.6kg

Full Body Shot Photos

Belly fat challenge Victoire Week 4 Front Back

Belly fat challenge Victoire Week 4 Side

I love to hear your weight loss stories, they’re always a source of encouragement! Do you have any questions for me on taking fat burners, losing belly fat or bootcamp? Ask away in the comments! I love your comments and words of advice too!

I was sent 1 bottle of Shrink: slimming made easy Dietary Supplement capsules to try out for this challenge

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  • Rona Mirimi 2017-12-14 at 09:10

    Are you kidding me? Ypu look fantastic!
    (Bias here, I think you looked good also 4 weeks ago).

    Well done for takeing powe over and changing your habits. Itโ€™s not easy buy so worth it!

    Ps- I donโ€™t eat in the morning. Before I exercise I eat 2-3 bananas. Or any othe fruit I have and it gives me the energy I need.

    • Victoire 2017-12-14 at 09:16

      Thank you Rona! ๐Ÿ˜ I am so glad to have come so far! That is a good idea. I have changed things up slightly, I have a boiled egg before I go to bootcamp. I feel this is giving me the necessary energy I need for my workout. I then go home and have breakfast. Still struggling to find something healthy for when I wake up since my almonds are finished!


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