How to lose belly fat or die crying

Victoire Oh Naturale how to lose belly fat

How’s that headline?! That is how I feel at the moment about my belly fat! It seems as if I blinked and suddenly the body I was comfortable in had changed… and not in a good way. Initially I noticed my face had grown rounder and then I noticed how my upper arms looked huge in photos (how is it that I seem to stand in the most unflattering position where my arms are accentuated?! I didn’t really pay attention to my belly fat, but that’s because I am a master at dressing to hide it! I wear high-rise jeans or loose tops most of the time… out of sight out of mind.

It’s not that I don’t know that I have belly fat…

I get a sort of “yikes!” moment every time I look in the mirror reminding me of it… I guess in my mind I am still the slim girl I used to be. If phantom weight is a thing I wonder whether phantom skinniness is too? If so, I have it.

How does one go from no belly to voluptuous, hanging over the top of your jeans belly in the blink of an eye?!

These are what I believe are my main issues:


Victoire pregnant with Amelie

Photo credit: Timor Lifschitz – A Most Curious Moment

Well, we can’t really blame it on the children but pregnancy has a huge effect on one’s belly. I mean you grow a human and your beautiful bump grows and grows… I so loved pregnancy and my gorgeous baby bump but it sure did a number on me! Combined with hormones and the inexperience of a first pregnancy and the hazard of eating all you crave, pregnancy weight was a huge factor for me! Even though I eventually lost all my extra weight by my second born’s first birthday, the damage to my belly had already been done.

Emotional eating

This year really knocked me a solid one. Although I have been, or maybe it is because I have been, focusing on me and my emotional well-being this year I have had all the feels. And I allowed myself to “eat my feelings” in the form of ALL.THE.CHOCOLATE and other junk food I wouldn’t normally eat… If I was feeling overwhelmed I would reach straight for the chocolate. When I needed to declutter and deal with the hurricane that is our home, chocolate! So chocolate causes belly fat, not my inability to find healthy ways of dealing with my emotions 😉

Lack of planning

Lack of meal planning to be more precise, and a whole lot of decision fatigue (see previous point)… This is something I am going to get on top of once and for all! There have been far too many days where I have realised that it is almost time to make dinner but I haven’t planned what I am going to be making! The other thing that happens is that sometimes my dinner plans are vetoed in favour of eating out or getting take-aways. And let’s face it, when faced with the option of having to prepare a meal from scratch at the end of a crazy day when you are exhausted and emotional versus having a meal conveniently placed in front of you, you are probably going to choose the latter. I did, way too often. The food I have been eating has been a huge factor in causing my belly fat to pile on.


This goes hand in hand with meal planning. I have only become really aware of calories, and the effects of taking in more calories than you are using, this year. I know, which planet have I been living on?! I have never done weight watchers, nor any other diet plans except Banting a while back and you don’t count calories with it. My go-to diet strategy up until now has been to eat healthily… I grew up eating lots of fruits and veggies and a few treats once in a while. When I got to varsity, and started my first job suddenly I had access to a whole variety of fast foods and junk food. But I was active. Nowadays my diet contains too many processed foods, including junk food, and carbs.


Pre Parkrun selfie 😎 This one I did by myself while the kids slept in... It was a lovely me-time moment. #selfie #parkrunsa #metime #momlife #don'twalkdance #fitness #health #healthyliving #southafrica #momblogger #ecoblogger

You’ve got to move it move it to lose it lose it! I have never been into gym that much… It’s the whole training by yourself thing, and especially not knowing what you are doing nor what all the machines are for! Mountain biking was my go-to for a fun workout, to get out into nature and socialise too. I stopped mountain biking as I got busier with life – my career, getting married, and having children. Then I started trying to get more active when my eldest was a toddler, taking daily walks around our complex. These walks never progressed to much more than a light stroll. We all know how distractible a toddler is! When my kids got bigger I used to push them around the complex, both piled into a jogger pram… until they got too big to both be in the pram at the same time. And of course there was that time that I won a trial membership at Go Health! Yay! Except being a homeschooling mama I had the kids with me all the time and my Go Health didn’t have childcare facilities 🙁 . See where I’m going with this? Even my attempts at doing the MuTu system workouts at home didn’t pan out so well! Parkrun was also a bit of hit and miss this year, especially with the kids not wanting to walk the full 5km. I also had lots of activities on Saturday mornings, which has seen Parkrun being parked for now.


Victoire Oh Naturale I am turning 40 next year!

Age really does play a factor in one’s ability to lose weight. That slice of cake stays on the hips much longer than it used to. In actual fact, it throws a party with all the other slices of cake still occupying my hips! I am nearly 40 and I have got to accept that things have changed. If I want to get rid of ol’ belly fat I am going to have to get tactical and come up with a strategy!

I haven’t formally devised a strategy for losing weight, but knowing what caused the belly fat gives me an indication of where to start.

Feeling sorry for myself, and considering just accepting that my new best bud belly fat and I may never part, a friend posted about her incredible weight-loss journey over the last year. She attributed it to going to bootcamp and following the meal plan set out by her instructor. Something just snapped in me. It was time to get out of my pity party for one and do something about it.

Thankfully she lives in the same area, so I joined her at LaniFit Bootcamp in October. I soon realised just how unfit I am! I could barely jog around the track once. On top of that I had never heard of nor done most of the exercises before. My muscles ached and I was so stiff I could barely walk for the next week! But I kept going back.

After a month I haven’t really noticed a difference in my belly fat, but I have noticed that my calves have much more definition. Definitely to do with all that running around the track! I asked Lelani from LaniFit about it and she says that belly fat is all about what you eat, and not so much how you exercise… My abs are there, they’re just covered in a blanket of fat. I have a lot of incorrect eating to rectify.

Victoire Oh Naturale sweat is fat crying

Because this year has been such a tough one I decided to tackle one habit at a time…

My main goal has been to get into a routine of going to bootcamp, getting fitter and burning calories. I didn’t want to make a huge change to my diet because there are so many other factors that play into it… Mainly whether my family will eat what’s in the meal plan! I really don’t want to have to cook 2 different meals for dinner. By now I am sure you have noticed that cooking isn’t my favourite pastime… Although I do enjoy it when I don’t have other things to do.

I came upon an unexpected opportunity to get a little extra help on my weight-loss journey.

Just as I was getting into the swing of things at bootcamp I discovered Kim from Legends Lipo, Laser & Lashes. We decided to collaborate on trying out her new slimming supplement, Shrink. The first thing I did was look at the ingredients list to make sure it is natural! Having never tried a diet supplement before I also cleared it with Lelani, who sources a similar product for her clients.

Victoire Oh Naturale Shrink Slimming Supplement

I am going on a 6 week trial of the Shrink capsules, and I am taking you with me!

I’ll be blogging weekly to fill you in on my progress, body measurements and weight, as well as my experience with Shrink. I will also be posting updates through the week on my social media profiles, so keep an eye out for those!

Victoire Oh Naturale Shrink Slimming Supplement

Of course we need a baseline to measure my progress against… So…

I will be sharing with you what most women would rather take with them to their graves!

Today I am publishing my current weight and body measurements! EEK! Not only that but you get to see my first full body shots… If you watched my video on Facebook or saw my post on Instagram, you’ll know how uncomfortable that makes me feel. However, I am hoping that my stepping out of my comfort zone will be an encouragement for you if you are also on a weight-loss journey. I hope that we will be motivated to make those changes, no matter how big or small, together.

So here goes…




Ha ha! No, seriously, here I go!

Body Measurements

Just a note, I took these measurements myself, and I am notorious for taking incorrect measurements! It was the best I could do at the time, and I really tried to get them as accurate as possible. The height and weight are accurate.

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 72kg

Bust: 97cm

Chest: 86.5cm

Stomach (oh belly fat!): 82cm

Hips: 103cm

Thighs: 63cm

Upper arms: 31.5cm

Full body shot photos

I originally took photos with my belly and back fat exposed, as I explained in my Facebook video… BUT I was so shocked after seeing myself I felt too uncomfortable to share them on the Internet! So I took some photos of myself in my swimming cozzie on the same day, which I think still gives an idea of my weight without making me want to die a thousand horrible deaths from embarrassment!

Victoire Oh Naturale Current belly fat

Victoire Oh Naturale Current belly fat side profile

There you have it! I am on a mission to lose my belly fat, without crying…

Are you also on a weight-loss journey or have you tried slimming supplements before? It would be so encouraging for me if you would share your story in the comments!

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  • Leora 2017-11-15 at 22:44

    Those pictures are absolute perfection, I’m bowled over by the femininity and truth in them. In the cozzie pics I see glowing good health and creamy skin.
    I fully support though , that you want your inner self perception and outer to match. So go for it!
    Bonus: the kids will see healthy choices plus the journey to success/any goal.

    • Victoire 2017-11-16 at 07:42

      Leora… your words are beautiful. Thank you! I love that… VICTOIREous! in everything that is on my path to happiness 😍💚😍

  • Melissa Javan 2017-11-11 at 20:42

    Eisj I admit I have not even tried but I want to lose weight. One should start with planning meals and scheduling exercise. Well done on taking small steps to achieve your goals.

    • Victoire 2017-11-16 at 07:39

      So true Melissa… I recently read that abs (or belly fat) are made in the kitchen! I need to get to properly planning meals… for now I am watching what I eat, making conscious decisions about what I allow into my body.

  • Mira naidu 2017-11-11 at 13:27

    I love this post, ur so brave.

    I will be following your journey.

    Stay strong 💪🏾

    • Victoire 2017-11-16 at 07:37

      Thank you Mira! I appreciate your support😍 💪

  • MomOfTwoLittleGirls 2017-11-11 at 07:31

    This is inspirational. I love that quote – sweat is fat crying. Pinned it! All the best on your journey. I will be following.

    • Victoire 2017-11-11 at 07:33

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment 😂 I love that quote too! So glad to have you with me on this journey.

  • Rona Mirimi 2017-11-10 at 17:33

    You want to know what I see in those photos? So the first one, when you were pregnant, I see a glowing goddess.
    The lower ones with your swimming costume I see a woman! Not a Photoshop model woman but a real woman, who looks like a woman (that needs a better swimming costume may be :-). However, good luck!! Feeling better with yourself, fitter is always great idea. I will be watching you. I admire your courage! Xx

    • Victoire 2017-11-10 at 17:41

      Oh Rona! You are amazing, thank you. I so loved being pregnant 😍. I need to take a moment and see the woman that I am…. instead of focusing on the details I dislike. 😂😂😂 I agree about the swimming costume! I definitely need a better cozzie! YES, I am already feeling fitter and healthier, although I do need to tackle my diet next. Thank you for your support 😘💚🌿🍃 xxx


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