Spotlight on Green Business Besties… meet Rona Mirimi

Today I am launching my new series… Spotlight on Green Business Besties! I will be featuring eco-conscious entrepreneurs selling eco-friendly and natural products in South Africa. I am so excited to be sharing a glimpse of the people behind some of the products I love! Rona Mirimi is my first business bestie… Rona is a menstrual cup expert who freely shares her vast knowledge of menstrual cups and mindful menstrual cycles. She sells menstrual cups and natural products from Cape Town.

Victoire Oh Naturale Spotlight on Green Business Besties: Rona Mirimi menstrual cup expert

Rona Mirimi, feminist business bestie and menstrual cup expert

I have known Rona since March 2015 when I ordered my IrisCup menstrual cup (which I love) from her. Although I have never met Rona in real life I feel like I know her so well. The first thing I have to mention is that her service is stellar! She goes out of her way to educate you on her products and when she says your order will be sent first thing on Monday, it really is. Rona is incredibly knowledgeable on menstrual cups and cycles. She shares her knowledge on her Facebook pages and various Facebook groups. I am currently learning a huge amount about natural fertility awareness, which is really about getting to know your body, from Rona’s Mindful Menstrual Cycles Facebook group.

I will be sharing my experience with the IrisCup soon. Rona also kindly sent me some VERTE products, which I am looking forward to telling you about.

Where can we find you online?


Rona Mirimi – Baby Development Support

VERTE – Natural Products

Iris Cup & Menstrual Cups SA

Mindful Menstrual Cycles Facebook group


Rona Mirimi: Nurturing Mindful Living

Tell us about yourself

We are all connected to one another and the environment. What’s good for the environment is better for our health. After we have passed on, our children and their children will inherit the earth and the legacy we leave. When we give life to our children, we want the best for them. Leaving our environment in a good condition is a way of caring for them. It’s important that we leave them with the best world we can. They also need to learn this from us in order to impart this knowledge to their children down the generations. l can’t see any other way.

I espouse a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but this wasn’t always so. I studied Media and Management, and Organisational Consulting at the College of Management before embarking on a career in Public Relations. I embraced the corporate world living on adrenalin and two litres of diet Coke a day!

I met my husband Gil and we moved to South Africa in 2009. Little did I know that with the advent of the birth of our eldest son, my life was about to make a 180 degree turn. Barak was born premature at 33 weeks in Johannesburg due to Pre-eclampsia.  As new parents we were suddenly having to cope with a baby who cried all the time had and no idea what to do.

I embarked on a two-year course of intensive study and qualified as a baby development guide in the “First Step” method, an internationally acclaimed programme to help moms in their first months and years of motherhood.

During my studies, I became pregnant with my second son, Jonathan, and gave birth to him at 32 weeks. This time round I was better prepared to deal with the challenges and qualified as a baby development guide. I now facilitate workshops for moms and babies.

With the arrival of these two special beings in my life, and wanting to give them the very best grounding possible, I embarked on a new, healthy lifestyle. I went from fizzy drinks and potato crisps to water and brussel sprouts overnight.

I have grave concerns about what is happening to the planet that my children are growing up in and that my grandchildren will inherit. This has led to a far more mindful way of living… of cutting down on waste and avoiding my children ingesting impure products or substances. From what they eat, to the toys they play with and the learning activities they are exposed to, this drive for the holistic wellbeing of my family has led me not only to develop my own range of natural deodorants, creams and salves, but also to market my range of green menstrual products and the workshops and products that I present and sell for mothers and babies.

I have also learned how to chart my fertility cycle and I am appreciating the understanding I have gained about my own body and how empowering that is.  I am looking forward to further in-depth studies in this area and to passing this knowledge on.

How did you first hear about eco menstrual products (menstrual cup / cloth pad / sea sponge, etc)?

I heard about them about 7 years ago overseas from a friend who used them. I was very curious to try it out so I ordered a menstrual cup.

Tell us about your first menstrual cup

My first one was the Moon Cup. It wasn’t a great experience for me though and after a few cycles I left it and didn’t use it again until my second son was born. Then, another friend told me about the IrisCup. I don’t know what made me try another menstrual cup but I did and it was love from first trial. That’s the reason I decided to import them into SA, almost 4 years ago.

What is your favourite eco menstrual product?

Menstrual cups by far (and I have tried them all)!

Victoire Oh Naturale IrisCup menstrual cups

Rona sells the IrisCup, Lunette and Yuuki menstrual cups

What tips can you give us on using eco menstrual products?

Every change needs a mind shift. We are all used to disposable tampons and pads and starting to use eco products requires some patience from us to understand how to work with them (whichever method you choose). If I think back, when I first started to use a tampon, it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. It was sore and very uncomfortable. It’s a mind shift, it takes time but it is worth it!

Do you have any funny stories you would like to share about menstrual cups?

I guess the funniest one was when we had a leak in our bathroom and I had just washed my menstrual cup and left it to dry there… I am not sure what the plumber thought it was…

Victoire Oh Naturale IrisCup menstrual cup size comparison

Rona showing the difference in size between the small and large IrisCup menstrual cups

What is the most common question you get asked about menstrual cups?

The two most common questions are “Can I go to the gym with a cup in?” and “What shall I do if it leaks?”

Eco menstrual products tend to be just one aspect of a green lifestyle, in what other ways do you lead an eco-conscious lifestyle?

I used cloth nappies with my baby, I make my own body products (body butter, deodorant, etc), compost, my own home cleaning products (from lemons and vinegar), I am a vegetarian moving towards becoming a vegan, I try not to dye my hair (but sometimes I do… once in 6-7 months), we use solar power partly, recycle what I can, I chart my cycle, prefer homeopathic remedies than mainstream, I prepare most of our meals from scratch (don’t buy processed food) and I am sure there are more…

Which of society’s misperceptions (mistaken belief, idea or interpretation) about eco menstrual products / leading an eco lifestyle do you wish you could change?

If we talk about the menstrual products, I would like to change the idea that menstrual blood is gross and unclean. Not that it is not right, it’s just the other way around. That women will feel comfortable to talk about it and not feel that it is a matter of embarrassment and shame. Regarding an eco lifestyle, my goal is to empower women to know their options, to have a choice… I am talking mostly about being fertility aware and to be able to make their own choice based on sound information and their knowledge.

Are there any final comments or thoughts you would like to share with us?

In my opinion the most important thing here is to be able to choose for yourself. To learn about the subject, to learn about your options and to decide what is best for you and for your family. Not to follow the crowd, unless you choose to do so… 🙂

Thank you Rona for sharing just a drop of your knowledge with us here!

Rona is a caring, wonderful eco entrepreneur with the patience of a saint… I sent this interview to her months ago but did not publish it due to some personal issues that were taking far too much of my time! I hope that you will follow Rona on Facebook and have a look at her wonderful natural products.

Do you use a menstrual cup or other eco menstrual products? Share your experience in the comments!


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  • Chantal Bezuidenhout 2017-11-11 at 07:23

    Wow! This is an awesome initiative Victoire and a lovely story Rona. Being a self professed green Queen, I’m excited to see who else does what in South Africa. I’m also a great advocate for women being able to discuss these things openly without a sense if shame – as well as natural contraceptive methods!

    • Victoire 2017-11-11 at 07:28

      Yes, I so agree Chantal! We need to speak openly and break the taboos. I am learning so much from Rona regarding natural contraception.

      Would you like to be featured in the Green Business Besties series Chantal? I would love to learn more about SA’s Green Queen! 💚👑💚


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