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Kim Mansfield Sheffield is an entrepreneur who believes in empowering women, and men, to have a good body image and lose weight the healthy way. Kim is the owner of Legends Lipo, Laser & Lashes, a non-surgical aesthetic studio. She sells a natural slimming product, Shrink, which she has tried and tested herself with remarkable results. Kim is incredibly knowledgeable about fat loss and slimming products. I really enjoyed chatting to Kim about her business and Shrink, which I am trying out for 6 weeks. The non-surgical Lipo service she provides sounds so intriguing!
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Where can we find you online?


Shrink Slimming


Legends Lipo, Laser & Lashes

Shrink Slimming

Tell us about yourself

I’m a 51 year old mother of 3. I’ve owned my own business since I was 21. 5 years ago I started Legends. I had a weight problem for my entire adult life and managed to lose 20 kilos over the years. This inspired me to sell my previous business and work from home in an elite, private Studio to help others with a problem area of their body.

Tell us about your natural products business

This took off so well that I’ve franchised a few branches and opened others. We remove 60ml of fat per session by means of cavitation. That is 80 % of Legends current business. We also do skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, acu detox and Meso therapy. Over the years clients also wanted me to go into weight loss as we had only concentrated on fat loss up to now. After years! I finally found something I was happy to add to our bouquet of services and products in Shrink. People close enough can get weighed and motivated weekly at no further cost.

Shrink slimming products

Shrink slimming supplements

Please tell us about your business journey. How did you get to where you are today?

As mentioned I’d opened my first business at age 21. I owned a corporate (boring) office Automation business. I found it stressful with no personal give back… in the background I explored more things for the soul… I first studied and ventured into lie detection but although fascinating, that too proved to be darker than what my poor soul could deal with. I then wrote a list of my wants and don’t wants. I wanted to give back, I wanted to work at home, I wanted to deal with people all day long, I realised that if I was doing what I was passionate about, the money would follow as a spin off. And true to my realization that is exactly what happened. You can’t fake passion and now for 5 years I’m finally doing what I love. By the time I started Legends, I had lost 20 kg’s but had a way to go. But after discovering Shrink, I lost the second 20 kg’s in 20 weeks. That’s quite a difference. And again I can share this with others as no one knows better than I do what it feels like to dislike your body.

Please share your weight loss story, it is always encouraging to read about other’s success

I was a thin child and went on the pill a few months before I was to be married (at 20). My weight sky rocketed! The pill was a bad match for me and made me so hungry. I ate food all day. By the time I got married I had gone from 65 to 87 kg’s. I tried Weigh Less, Weight Watchers, Doctors, adults you name it but nothing worked for me. By the time I had my first baby at 28 I weighed 108 kg… I never lost weight after that and had my second and third baby at 108 kg’s. When my baby was a few years old I slowly and painstakingly lost 20 kg’s. It honestly was difficult and slow but at least I never gained. I lost it by doing the Keto diet and it worked for me but with great deprivation and struggle. This tablet has changed my relationship with food. I’m not hungry, I don’t feel deprivation… no cravings… I’m happy. I have a bit still to go but currently shift between 69 and 72 kg’s.

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What tips can you share on losing weight, using slimming products and non-surgical Lipo?

Slimming tablets must be seen as a tool in your tool box. You still have to do the work but if this tool assists you in eating better and building your self esteem because you’re finally sticking to something then why not. I say every diet works but find the right one for you and where you are currently at in your life. Find a lifestyle and not a fad.  Don’t lie to yourself about your intake. The scale won’t lie.

As for non-surgical Lipo, it’s for everyone. It’s safe and permanently destroys fat cells. If you’re over 18 your body stops producing fat cells. With cavitation, we destroy the entire cell. It’s only 60 ml per session so it’s safe (we use USA FDA rulings) but because we are concentrating on a small area the results are exceptional and permanent (provided you don’t gain weight because then your existing fat cells will grow and store fat) it’s been described as the best thing since sliced bread. And completely pain free.

Do you have any shocking / personal stories you would like to share about slimming products / your experiences

The shocking stories I hear about diet tablets is that many seasoned users abuse them. Over the years of speaking to hundreds of women while doing cavitation, you will not believe the amount of them admitting to abusing diet tablets. It is shocking how many women have a low self esteem and in desperation to please (normally their partners) they over use and abuse diet tablets to try and speed the weight loss. They also abuse diuretics and laxatives. These ladies need psychological assistance. There is severe damage done to the body. I always say the fat never got there in a day. There is no race. Take one day at a time and lose weight in a healthy way.

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What is the most common question you get asked about slimming products & non-surgical Lipo?

My FAQ regarding Shrink is “how quickly will I lose?”. The answer is the tablet is there to assist you with your appetite and cravings, you still need to eat well. So if you eat well and chose healthy kg’s you should lose weight pretty quickly, depending on your starting weight and age.

My most FAQ for Lipo is, is it safe and where does the fat go? The answer is yes it’s safe. We ask a few medical questions prior to the treatment. Once we have broken down the fat it moves into the lymphatic system. It then works its way through to the bowls and bladder and then we pass it. That is why we only do a session every second day. We allow the body to recover from the previous session. Water is essential as well.

Are there any final comments or thoughts you would like to share with us?

I’m a strong believer in the body healing itself. You just need to give it a chance. I also believe and have studied Acu detox and the great relationship between body, mind and spirit. Not one of these can be out of homeostasis and expect the others to run well. The flow of Qi is often blocked by emotions which in turn cause physical manifestations. We toxify our bodies with pollution, poor eating and drugs (sugar, pain killers, toxins in foods, smoke, alcohol)… our bodies need a break. Never forget the connectivity between the “whole” you.

Thank you for sharing your business story and weight loss journey with us Kim!

I hope that you will follow Kim on Facebook, and have a look at her fantastic natural products and services. Keep an eye out for posts on my weight loss journey over the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas, the first post is How to lose belly fat or die crying.

Have you tried a natural slimming product? How do you keep the kg’s off? Share your experience in the comments!

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