How to be present and my Les Fleurs de Bach surprise!

I have been cognoscente of how present I am in my day over the past few months. It stems from reading articles on the importance of being present as a parent, noticing that when I am preoccupied my children’s behaviour tends to escalate to apocalyptic proportions within seconds (I’m not even joking!), and realising that at times I habitually pick up my phone to check it for messages when I didn’t even really mean to. Does that happen to you too? It’s a little surreal.


I spent some time at the Wellness Warehouse Café in Menlyn Maine with Louise Pitot, distributor of Les Fleurs de Bach in South Africa, this past weekend. Admittedly, I arrived knowing very little about Les Fleurs de Bach, besides that it had something to do with perfumes! We were joined by 2 ladies and a guy and we had a lovely time listening to Louise explain the history of the Bach flowers and chatting about the remedies in the Les Fleurs de Bach range, as well as sampling the products! An informative and interesting experience. Also, the Almond spice drink from the Café is divine – almond milk, cinnamon and other yummy spices make it the best winter drink!

Victoire Oh Naturale - Almond spice from Wellness Warehouse Café

To give you a little background, Les Fleurs de Bach is named after Dr Bach, who discovered a total of 38 flowers across Europe in the 1800s. The main construct behind Les Fleurs de Bach is that the flowers used in their elixirs help balance our emotions. These elixirs are all certified organic, and the 2 signature fragrances from the range are also 100% natural. The flower essences are preserved with organic wheat brandy, or cognac, a natural alcohol that does not dry the skin. There are a total of 24 remedies in the Les Fleurs de Bach range, with a few being launched in South Africa every 3 months or so. These remedies make use of Homeopathic principles in the Bach floral essences along with Aromatherapy essential oils. All the Les Fleurs de Bach products are made in France and imported into South Africa.


We had great fun smelling the perfumes and spraying, applying and even tasting the remedies.


The 2 eau de parfum signature fragrances are:

  • Présence de Bach
  • Vivacité de Bach

Présence de Bach is a combination of fresh and flowery fragrances that help you feel in tune with yourself and your surroundings, helping you to connect with others and with communication. In short, to be present! This fragrance contains clematis, a Bach flower used for day dreamers who need to come back to the present moment. How’s that? A therapeutic fragrance that assists you in being more present! The fragrance itself is often popular with women.

Vivacité de Bach is a combination of woody and spicy fragrances that transform your inner feelings with positive energy, giving you a joy and confidence boost. This fragrance is often popular with men.

Présence de Bach and Vivacité de Bach samples received at the Les Fleurs de Bach event at Wellness Warehouse Café

I received a sample of each of these eau de perfums. The Présence de Bach is for me, and I have given Nico the Vivacité de Bach as it really does have a more “manly” scent.

I tried out the Présence de Bach on Sunday and perhaps it is all in my mind, but I did feel a lot more present! We were out for the morning, and besides taking a few photos of the children I didn’t feel the need to be on my phone much. The main difference though is what happened that afternoon. When we got home I decided to sort out the children’s bedroom, something I have been meaning to do for months but have not had the energy to tackle… I’m not talking about simply decluttering. I literally emptied the room! I will post more on this another time, but that is significant for me.

After feeling pretty emotionally down and dreary yesterday, not my usual positive and optimistic self, I decided to try out the Vivacité de Bach this morning. I love the fragrance, although it screams “MAN!” to me :D. I applied it to my solar plexus, which was recommended by Louise if one only wants to make use of the therapeutic benefits of the fragrances, and not necessarily “broadcast” it. I managed to get some on one of my fingers as well, and I keep smelling this fragrance! Not unpleasant, just a little surprising, especially since it keeps screaming at me 😉 Along with some positive conversations I have had, I am a very different person emotionally today compared to yesterday.

Is it all in my mind? Maybe… All I can say is that yesterday I couldn’t get out of the funk and today I am feeling the joy.

What do you think? Have you had a similar experience with Les Fleurs de Bach or another product? Share your thoughts in a comment or chat with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


  • Moshe 2019-05-16 at 22:00


    Is this product still available?
    Eau de parfum Vivacité(s) de Bach

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Victoire 2019-11-21 at 11:26

      Hi Moshe! I do not supply this product, you may contact Louise Pitot – @louisepitot on Instagram or via her blog – for more information about the Les Fleurs de Bach products. Have a lovely day!


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