DIY jewellery organiser – easy & no sewing required!

I have been going through a serious spring cleaning marathon in the children’s bedroom and school room lately. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to minimise and declutter as much as I would like to. At least things are getting organised, right? One of the areas that has been bugging me ever since we moved in is the children’s cupboard with shelves. This cupboard has been a catch-all for everything from outgrown clothes to random toys; artworks; dress up clothes; hair accessories and jewellery. Always a tangled mess. Since it has been bugging me for so long I already had a rough idea of what I wanted to do… but I hadn’t thought of making a DIY jewellery organiser yet!

When the time came for me to address my children’s bedroom I tackled the biggest thorn in my side first – that cupboard! I found places for all the odd toys, put hair accessories in a basket and DIYed a quick no-sew jewellery organiser for my daughter’s necklaces and son’s dog tag chain.

DIY jewellery organiser

I tried Pinterest for this DIY, but couldn’t find anything that matched what I was looking for, so just kind of went with a basic idea in my mind. I had all the materials I needed in my home already, so this one was really simple and only took me a few minutes to make. If you would like to make one yourself, here’s what you’ll need:

  • pin board or styrofoam board
  • any piece of material large enough to cover the board, I used a continental cushion cover
  • ribbon
  • thumb tacks
  • pin board tacks
Once you’ve collected all your items:
  1. Wrap the material around the board
  2. Pin the material at the back of the board using the thumb tacks
  3. Wind the ribbon around the board diagonally (or horizontally if you prefer), tacking it to the back of the board as you go
  4. You may decorate the front of the board with a few thumb tacks if you like
  5. Push your pin board tacks into the front of the board at various heights and hang your jewellery on them
  6. DONE!

Now go find a spot to display your DIY jewellery organiser or fit it on a shelf in a cupboard as I did. You could even mount your jewellery organiser on the wall!

DIY jewellery organiser final

I’m planning on making myself a jewellery organiser for all my own necklaces next!

If you make one of these jewellery organisers please post pics and tag me @victoireo on Instagram or Twitter. Let me know in the comments what your latest DIY has been.

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