Earth Expo intertwines beauty with sustainability

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the Earth Expo 2016 media and exhibitor launch and received a gift of solar rechargeable candles and an urban growing gift of cherry tomatoes.

Sustainability is of growing concern in our time. With an increased awareness of the impact our lifestyles have on our environment comes a growing need for alternative choices. I have been bubbling with excitement over this event ever since I heard about it. Now I get to share my experience of the Earth Expo 2016 launch with you!

The Expo is focused on sustainability and green living with products that help us #MakeBetterChoices. Each exhibitor was carefully chosen to ensure the ethos of the Expo was upheld and it shows! The biggest take away for me is the meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the exhibition. From delicious vegan nibbles and organic wine to upcycled furniture, glass decor elements, pots of herbs and proteas to beautiful wooden furniture and custom wooden signage. It is all simply exquisite.

Earth Expo 2016

The moment you walk over the bridge you are welcomed into a home showcasing environmentally conscious wares.
In the garden you’ll find everything from tower gardening, waste management, earthworm casing fertiliser and carnivorous plants to burial pods in which loved ones (and beloved pets) live on as trees… and more!

In the “garage” there is a selection of eco-friendly transportation options such as bicycles, electric scooters and a BMW i3.

Inside the InnoGreenBuild home are the kitchen, dining room, lounge, office, bedroom, walk-in closet, bathroom and kids room. There is so much to see in one space – all of it beautiful, useful and green! I spent 2 hours chatting to some of the exhibitors and browsing all the sustainable products and could easily have spent a few more hours soaking it all in.

Earth Expo 2016

The Expo highlights how easy it can be to incorporate sustainable and green products into our homes and daily routines. My personal experience has been to start one step at a time – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. No pressure to suddenly live an off-grid, self-sustainable, natural, earth-goddess lifestyle (although some of us may dream!). Go explore the many varied options at the Expo and see what could fit into your lifestyle… At the very least you will walk away with a greater awareness of the impact the everyday choices we make have on our environment. You may even walk away with a box (or three) of herb and vegetable seeds, solar rechargeable lights, a ready-to-plant bag of cherry tomatoes and a happy heart, as I did.

The Earth Expo is running from 11 August – 14 August 2016 at MonteCasino in the Outside Area. Tickets are available via iTickets. For more info visit the Earth Expo website.

What you will need to take along:

  • Cash / bank card for drinks and some of the products are for sale directly at the Expo
  • A reusable shopping bag
  • Make sure you download the Earth Expo App from the Apple app store and Google play store before coming to the Expo. This app provides information on each of the exhibitors and promotes paperless interaction with them. Look out for the competitions within the app with fabulous prizes from the Expo!

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