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Disclaimer: I won 4 hours of cleaning from SweepSouth through Tums 2 Tots. If you use the link below or my code IE6BLN when booking with SweepSouth you will receive R100 off your first clean and I will receive a Takealot voucher – WIN WIN

I entered the Tums 2 Tots SweepSouth competition on a whim – we had just moved and I was feeling overwhelmed with a dirty, untidy house and lots of unpacking to do! Imagine my delight when I won 4 hours “off” while SweepSouth sent someone to clean our house. As a bonus I found out about the win right before my birthday – how’s that for a wonderful surprise birthday pressie?!

It took a little while before I actually got to booking my clean with SweepSouth, by then we were feeling a lot more settled in our new home. We were also in a bit more of a routine with cleaning the house. I had, however, left our play room / homeschool room for last. It was time. As I started cleaning and organising I realised that it was a bigger job than I could tackle on my own… and what better time than now to use that SweepSouth voucher I had won?

It was really easy to book the clean – I did it all from my Samsung smartphone. The website calculates the amount of time it should take to do your clean based on the number of rooms and bathrooms you specify. You also have various options such as to have the indoor walls and windows washed. If you want to change the suggested time for your clean you can do so as well, with the understanding that the clean may not be completed in time.

Our cleaner arrived on time, with little fuss (we had to go fetch her at the security gate due to her not bringing her ID). I chose to use my own cleaning supplies, but she did bring her own cloth for getting the windows super shiny. It took 4 hours all together to get the small outside room and bathroom cleaned from top to bottom. What a difference it made!

Before SweepSouth

Before our SweepSouth clean. This picture does not capture how grubby and grimy everything was… especially the walls and door frames


After SweepSouth

After our SweepSouth clean. Good and clean and fresh. Even the smell of the room changed, it smelt clean!


Afterwards we had a cup of tea and biscuits my children and I had baked in our “free time” together. It was interesting to find out a little about the other side of how things work at SweepSouth. I learnt that the cleaners get an app on their phones on which they log their arrival and completion times. They also receive directions to their jobs via the app – I was told that the directions to my place were really straight forward and easy to follow.

All in all a positive experience! I will make use of SweepSouth again on an ad-hoc basis.

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