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This mama was made for walking...

I have been in a bit of a healthy living & fitness drive lately. It mostly started when I suddenly and inexplicably put on all the weight I (suddenly & inexplicably) lost when Amélie was about 9 months old. Ok, maybe it wasn’t so sudden nor explicable the second time around. I made unhealthy food choices. There, I said it.

So I have been back to eating as healthily as I can, following a low carb high fat (LCHF) / Banting lifestyle; less sugars, almost no bread or wheat or unhealthy carbs. Chocolate is still my downfall, as is our weekly pizza night, but I am working on it. Amazingly enough the more I eat real foods, and only as much as I have hunger for, the less appeal junk food has for me.

I also realised that the children and I are not going for a walk quite as often as we used to. When we do, it is at a snail’s pace as they pick flowers & berries, greet every ant & every other living creature, and run off to play with the complex kids. So what I was classifying as exercise was not so much. I was discussing my lack of exercise with my sister when she pointed out that she had a jogger stroller that she was not using that I could borrow. Yeah! So I squeezed it into my car after she had unearthed it from storage and we were set for the next level in our fitness adventures. The children were thrilled about the jogger (and, secretly, so was I), which really helped to get me into our daily walking routine. The increased pace soon had me out of breath on our first walk!


The ride, complete with beverages for its passenger's comfort


Ready to go!

Our walks have been a great opportunity for the children and I to spend more time together, get some fresh air, especially on the chilly winter days, and a chance to take in a change of scenery. So far this has been a positive experience for us. My weight is still lingering – down some days, up others – so I will have to figure that out, but I am giving my body some time to adjust. Also, muscle weighs more than fat doesn’t it? 🙂

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