No poo: Honey honey…

I did my first honey shampoo wash using raw honey and filtered water (Brita filter) on the day we left for a weekend away in Dullstroom. Talk about living on the edge! I had specifically waited on washing my hair until I received a new batch of raw honey, since we had just run out of honey that week – naturally! So it turned out I didn’t wash my hair for a week and a half… Not what I am used to at all, and more than a little overdue as my scalp had started itching before the week was up.

I was really looking forward to this new change and perhaps had my hopes up a little too high… The first thing I noticed about my hair after doing the wash was that my roots were heavy and oily-ish. A completely new feeling since the baking soda cleaned so well. I followed the directions in the recipe to a T, only applying the honey to my scalp and decided to skip the apple cider vinegar just to see what the honey would do.

Hair still damp, honey and filtered water wash on roots

Hair still damp, honey and filtered water wash on roots

It doesn't look as bad as it feels!

In the car on the way to Dullstroom… It doesn’t look as bad as it feels!

Of course I now had oily roots and dry lengths and ends :/ . I found that my hair got “wilder” as it dried. The frizz is also still there. Not ideal. Especially not ideal when you’re away on holiday and the wind is blowing constantly. Cue mega bushy unmanageable hair. I sorely regretted leaving the GHD at home! So my hair was in a ponytail for the rest of the weekend, and I grimaced through photo ops. *le sigh*

Windy yes, but look at all that frizz!

Windy yes, but look at all that frizz!

I wonder whether my hair is finally in “transition” (the period of time your hair takes to adjust to no pooing, usually characterised by excessive oiliness) or whether the honey is just a no go for my hair? I will definitely be giving the lengths and ends a shot at the honey shampoo next time!

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