100 Happy Days – Day 2: Creative parenting

Today just turned out to be a difficult day. At one point I nearly ended up in tears of disappointment and frustration. One of the contributing factors, besides only having slept for 4 hours, was that by lunchtime Arnan had not had any food except his “hot choccie” – a bottle of warm milk – and some biscuits he found on the dining room table… And he was whining and tantruming for another bottle of milk, discounting all offers for alternative nutrition. There are days that I let it slide, but for some reason today was not one of those days.

Thankfully Arnan finally gave in to my offer to watch some Daniel Tiger (the birthday episode, since it is Arnan’s birthday tomorrow), just as I was about to go make the bottle. On his way to the couch he grabbed an empty egg carton and some cherry tomatoes and started munching. I saw the window of opportunity and surreptitiously filled the remaining egg cups with an assortment of cherry tomatoes, blocks of Gouda and fresh cherries. He also devoured the greater portion of a papaya (the sweetest papaya I have ever tasted! Thank you Woolworths 🙂 ). Arnan was munching something, I received an encouraging response to my message of distress from my supportive husband and just like that my day was happy once more.